Video Game reviews: Fusion Fall Heroes

Alright, for this time, since I’m very bored, its time I should do something new: Video Game reviews!
Since I am getting pretty bored of minecraft I am going to do this.


Now: A quick history:
Fusion Fall was a MMORPG (Massively Major Online RolePlaying Game) where you do missions from all your favorite cartoon network characters. Ranging from Powerpuff Girls to the Amazing World of Gumball you can help them. You create a character and can venture around a majority of CN universe, and the story was that a monster called Lord fuse is destroying every world, and you have to save both that, and the CN Universe. In 2008(9?) to 2013 fusion fall’s servers were open, then Hackers,people that crash the servers by making multiple fake accounts, a ingame bug, or other things crash the servers, along with people that cuss, made the servers be closed. Especially the people that cussed. With the open chat for a kids game, adults, and kids that think tHeY aRE tO GoOd FoR MaRIO are the biggest people that where responsible, and that ended up shutting down the chat, and that is the biggest thing for MMOs: Commuticating! But me being the pro that I was went all Kirito from SAO on the game and did all the missions by myself. And then the servers shut down, and now, me being REALLY late to the party, am reviewing the Two year old game: FUSIONFALL HEROES.

So, think of fusionfall… Just removing everything it has…

Not including: Character customization, Jumping, cool weapons, Nanos, Story, EVERYTHING.

The controls are simple: WASD To move, along with arrows, and mouse clicks to attack. Space (which would be a jump in average games) is special attack, and if you are using a mouse not on a laptop you can scroll out the camera! WOW.

You can choose from a majority of characters: Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory), Feedback (Ben 10 OMNIVERSE?!?!?!)  Finn (Adventure time), Fiona (Clone of Finn BTW like lucina from smash, oh and from Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake), Four Arms (Ben 10), Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo), Marceline (adventure time), Mojo JoJo ( Power Puff Girls), Mordecai (Regular Show), And Rigby (Regular Show)
The Gameplay has two modes. Multiplayer, and SinglePlayer.




The game isn’t free roam, and is VERY REPETITIVE.

We have different areas… About 4…

2 year old game, with not that many areas? OK.  It reminds me of fusion fall because it was made in the same engine.

That is the only reason why this game is fun. It also has like an RPG element way, and some costumes. I LOVE this. Along with the controls. But, it still gets really repetitive.

I also saw so many easter eggs, which I seriously died. One was the beta poster for Fusion Fall (Because It showed the original Ben 10), The rust Bucket, some nanos in capsules like Jack nano and Aku, and Deedee and mandark nanos. I like this.

But, I still liked the repetitive gameplay for some reason. It has a charm to it, but this is not the fusion fall people should remember, the one kids should remember, it should be the older one… OR THE UPCOMING FUSION FALL LEGACY, which I hope to be in the beta.

I give this 4.2/10

agree with me? And what should I do next?


yes. It’s been a ride, but now I am leaving 5 ever. I am goin to do stuff other than this. So bye, and I may be around. But, my legacy will be remembered. I’m leaving also because the origami yoda fanbase is leaving. We can’t be devoted to one thing, right?
I play Minecraft on hypixel and minecraft central, so you may see me there.
Good bye
Luke: Goodbye my friends!

A lot of struggles

I’ve had some struggles, and I haven’t been posting
It seems like all the origami sites are turning into doctor who, and minecraft
Don’t get me wrong, I love these two things
But even I have been struck with this “away from origami plague” because I’ve began watching anime
mature anime
And I may fold origami of these characters
But I just don’t want to write a story about these mature anime in origami form.
Attack on folding is based off of a show called attack on Titan, and I love my story, but it’s just I don’t want to do something similar with gurren lagann, or the walking dead, or any show I’m watching for that matter

If anyone, anyone would want to do a crossover with me once I finish aof, be my guest
I may fold characters from the walking dead, or gurren laggan
I love origami
But to be aloud to post stuff
On one condition
With me maturing, I want mature people, or people who like these things. Because like me, I want my site to mature.
Thank you, and God bless