Late night thought post

Yea people may not be up, but I just thought of a good idea. This idea may sound dumb in people’s opinion but with the closing of the eu intense saga. I thought of a new site us super folders could ALL team up and do:
Like the eu, just now people can think up their own things. Like how I have batfold 1, 2, and (upcoming) 3. Due to this site getting cluttered I’m going to make A WHOLE seperate site. No, this will not be a carbon copy of the eu . This is just. Euception. WE CAN HAVE CROSSOVERS. Two ( or more) people can team up and write a story. Like : Batfold meets pokefold.
Now this site is small. And when I say small I mean SMALL. I’m talking fifteen followers. And I know how to skype some people.
So if you guys don’t mind reblogging this post about my thoughts, you’ll get a virtual cookie.

I am really distressed

You guys know about that game clash of clans?
Of course you do (if not I can tell you) but the clan origami pokemon, (some people in the clan follow me. So if you guys are going to unfollow me because of this, then I don’t mind.
In that clan, I let my little cousin join. He became co leader and I knew if this happened than he could change everything. He is eight, so his spelling and grammar isn’t that great. But someone (not going to say) started promoting another person and then demoted them. Everyone got annoyed. I then said “do you know how hard I worked for co leader?” Which I did. I worked hours upon hours to train troops specifically to donate. This way I would feel welcomed. Once he ended (because I guess I scared him or something) the leader (if you know. Please email me and I’ll send you a cookie) was all like “Peyton it was his cousin. Calm down.” Then another goes like “yea Peyton. Suck it.”
This made me INFURIOUS. For someone to say that WHEN MY EIGHT YEAR IS AROUND. CLEARLY VISIBLE BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY GOLD. The people in this world. I want to report the guy because of this. May god have mercy on your souls

been playing a lot of video games

I know, I play a lot of games but. This has been my gaming season. 3 months of gaming (and reading) and with the upcoming game “The Sims 4″ I’ve been thinking.
The sims is a game where you make a character called a sim, who’s main goal is to be a success. sims is short for simulation. this was created by the creators of simcity and spore. This is a “Cash cow” with many replays  and expansion packs.
And when I say “expansion packs” i mean 32 expansion packs.
But I noticed that they need some stuff for this upcoming sims.
I have made a list.

  1. A 8 bit pack., you can create your sim, like normal, but it can be eight bit, so it would look like mario, or megaman when your walking down a side walk. Nothing is 3d, BUT, It can be a top down perspective.
  2. A youtube pack. This could be a new job where you vlog or play a game. Your sim can play the sims while they play the sims!
  3. caveman life. Just that. a caveman life, me caveman, me wack thing with club
  4. nostalgia pack. Retextured to look like the first sims.
  5. First person mode. control your sim like minecraft. Thats it.

The final one: Blocky/ lego like reskin.

Well thats it! I hope u like! but I have to go, play the sims :D


Okay new idea. Someone (not me) can make a origami yoda roleplay site. I can’t make it because I totally forgot how. So yea , I will be a admin though and I’ll help make roleplays. Or someone can make a minecraft server. I don’t care