Twitch plays Pokemon

Ok so If you have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you probably have never heard of this. Basically it goes like this: play Pokemon game with over 15,000 people playing it.
Input up down left right b a and start
Game goes on.
How many times did Pokemon trainer a open her dumb pack?
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Okay so I’m browsing through the eu and I see this conversation with origami358 and Jc:

I have to admit great jobs on the stories so far and how it looks like part of a saga.

  • And I compliment on fitting the stories to take place after Princess Labelmaker.

    • SuperFolder JC ⋅

      Thanks HG!

    • And good job on altering good stories to make them more stookier than they were before JC.

    • SuperFolder JC ⋅

      Haha thanks man, but I kinda liked the originals better. I just had to edit things to be less violent!

    • I mean they wre good before but you made them better and you made Dan a protagonist and Jacob a sympathetic character.

    • SuperFolder JC ⋅

      That’s what I was hoping to do! I’m happy you enjoyed it!


      No offense but Jacob shouldn’t be a SYMPATHETIC CHARACTER.

      He was evil, and should stay that way!
      Also let me read you a quote from this: “Haha thanks man, but I kinda liked the originals better. I just had to edit things to be less violent!”
      To be less violent.
      No offense but I loved the violent stories!
      Remember in the fold of the rings?
      Heck, that thing was violent all the time! A person DIED for heck’s sake!
      And who wrote it? JC, and others.
      Who is saying that they can’t be ‘violent’
      Let me read you some emails that JC sent me:

      email one

      Hey Peyton! It’s JC!
      So hey, I know both General Creaseous stories had been removed from the OY EU for violence issues, but I’d really like Billy Larry and Creaseous to be in a story!
      So, my question is, will you please re-reboot General Creaseous? (With less violence. Rated PG at the very most.)


      My response: Why do you want him to return?
      Him:Because General Creaseous and Billy Larry are famous! They deserve to be back on the EU!

      (well then, okay, I agree.)

      Me: What should the plot be?


      Um…… How about Billy Larry is pre-established as a friend of Tommy and the gang. And during this time, kids at McQuarrie are finding mysterious (and scary) sticky-notes on their lockers, all from the mysterious General Creaseous. Rabbski gets too many complaints from other students, and gets very angry at Tommy and the gang, trying to get them to stop using their finger puppets entirely. Finally, Origami Yoda is banned. The McQuarrie crew go through a few chapters of big mistakes and difficulties without Yoda. Finally, Tommy decides to make a case file, trying to find out who wields General Creaseous. (Maybe a few chapters would be about Tommy following a few leads and such). But then, Kellen stumbles upon finding out that Billy wields Creaseous. He tries to tell Tommy, but Tommy refuses to listen. He trusts Billy. So, Kellen journeys—with only Remi trusting him—to stop Billy, and save McQuarrie, and get Yoda back.





      Well then!
      Before I was writing a darker story, with origami, cause yea! But look at the 1st email.

      He said it was removed for “Violence reasons”
      He lied to me! He said they were lost after the site got hacked! D:

      I’ll show what I have so far on that fanfic:

      The Destruction of General Creasious!
      By Superfolder Peyton

      Note from author: Hi! It’s me superfolder Peyton, This is my third attempt at General Creasious. First, it was kind of ‘dumb’ in my opinion, second was darker… REALLY DARKER. So now it is the darkest, and Billy is more evil than Jacob Minch (Hopefully)
      LET’S GO!!!

      Billy Larry: The new kid
      By Tommy

      So, remember how I learned that origami Yoda is real? That was my hypothesis. It was proven. Next is how Dwight shouldn’t be suspended. That didn’t go so well. Next is the fortune wookiee thing, trying to get Dwight back. Which worked, but Rabbski started funtime. We got that to go luckily!
      Now all that doesn’t matter. This is about the new kid… He just is really suspicious.
      “Hello, I am Billy Larry, of Daniel Middle school. How are you today?” He asks. He is as if he is in beta form; like he is some robot.

      “Uhh… I am doing okay…” I say, this kid is odd. His eye starts twitching, trying to develop what I said.

      “Good! You are always welcomed in my shed!” He says. The ‘You are always welcomed in my shed!’ part was mumbled, yet I could hear it. We were in the library when we met.

      I always keep the case files in my backpack, so when I looked in my backpack, it’s gone! My face goes pale at the discovery, and I look over to the side and who do I see holding the case files: Billy Larry. I asked him why.

      “Well Tommy I found this and I thought I would look through it. Please, I want to keep it for a little while” He says I nod my head to say ‘Yea sure just return it once you’re done’ kind of thing. As he turns, he has a smirk and says “forever”. My eyes go wide. He had just tricked me into giving him all of the secrets. It seems as if he is now in his final form- His super Saiyan 5!
      “Wow Tommy, I thought you were an average idiot, but it seems that you’re a full blown idiot!” He laughs. I drop my books and look at him while he suddenly runs off. We aren’t supposed to run in halls! Especially in construction! The school board added a new class: Cooking, so the school has to add another room! I can’t focus! I started to chase after Billy, yet Billy was really good a jumping over obstacles.
      Construction? Yep, he could jump over it, and he can even wall jump. WALL JUMP! I bet he felt like he was some assassin, and I am in the background, waddling over stuff.
      “Stop! Wait for me!” I whine, this makes him go faster. Out of breath, I look at him run out the door. He seems to be going home.
      Why this is weird:
      1. He took my Case files!
      2. This kid can parkour! Dang!
      3. Billy is skipping school today WITH my case files!

      Wow. Just. Wow.
      Welcome to my shed!
      By Billy Larry
      So, Tommy, I have your silly case files with me. And boy you’re a rebel scum! So. My shed is actually my fathers who is in the army.  Due to him being gone for so long, my mom gave me this shed. Here I make my own kind of paper. This paper is INDESTRUCTIBLE. So with my Indestructible paper, I made an origami General Grievous. Then one day, I found one of Dwight’s new origami in one of his holes the origami was an origami Jar Jar. I held it in my shed. He then came over and pointed to him saying “Purple” I shake my head no and he starts crying, I grab it and I started tearing it in half. He tackles me and in the middle I tear it. He takes some of my paper and runs. I still have his torn Jar Jar!
      Like really!

Leaving the Eu for a while

This is like an important topic:
Practically every month a new Eu story comes out.
And the more EU stories that come out: The more cluttered the site gets.
And then there is practically the same story.
Take My batfold
And SF Hansel’s Batfold.
Both of them are PRETTY GOOD.
But, wouldn’t you get angry with your same character’s name?
Mine: Tommy, who wields batfold
His: Tommy, who wields Batfold.
Okay. Like wat?
This is odd!  Okay ~peyton