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Hello, as you may know, I am writing a story called Attack on folding, now I’m making these titans that are bag puppets, it is these parodies of finger puppets, I have a collosal titan done, now, I want you YOU to make your own bag puppets, to appear on the cover! Tell your friends, and yes, yourself, you can email your entry with my email “” SO yea! So please make your own parodies of finger puppets! Also, if you don’t want to, you can send your own origami aot character (any side characters, not the 3 main characters which is armin, eren, and Mikasa, also origami Jean). So yea! bye!





The doctor is loose!

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When Tommy and Sara enter Davison Middle School, they expected nothing less from Dwight than to create a new origami finger puppet. But this puppet isn’t from Star Wars. It’s the Doctor; the titular character of British TV show Doctor Who. With Creasing Angels, CyberSquirrels, Dalekrillics, and other imaginary wonders “chasing” Dwight, it’s up to Tommy and Sara to determine which of these marvels is actually chasing Dwight, and see what it might have to do with the Mail-lennium Falcon’s flying away with Origami Yoda…

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Think: you’ve been excited for a video game, a massively multiplayer online game, a fantasy future game, sounds SO FUN, you get a headgear, where it can take over your body, placing you in sleep, but, you can still move, and talk in the game.
Well. There’s the bad part.
The headgear. You wear it, and it takes over parts of your brain, if your mom fixed casserole, and she wants you to stop playing the game, and she tries to pry it off.
She tries to take it off, but your headgear freaks out, and microwave your brains. You play with your friends, and your friend dies in the game. BOOM fries your brain.
Basically hardcore mode in minecraft.
You can’t log out (yet your parents can just take the creator to court, or turn off the power, unless you live alone, jump into the void if you have to)
The creator says ‘you may see that your menu doesn’t have a log out screen, well that’s ment to happen.’ He then gives you a mirror, you equip it, and it turns your character straight into you, your height, your weight, etc.
your stuck, so guys, who wants to join my guild XD
And this could happen, the oculus rift, is a virtual reality, and konami is making a Sao mmo for it.
In all honesty, I would stick to mario, or cod. Because I can respawn, we’ll not cod. Basically anything other than this. So would you think, if this happens, would you make it to floor 100?
Or be a noob and run off?
No backing out.
I would be worried, because I like staying in the times, so yea.
2,000 people in the show have died…
And it’s only episode 2
So yea, bye
Also, if you guys ever get to watching the show, we should start typing a origami story. It would be cool. Like kids could have origami on their finger (hold the origami, appears in game grab xbox, tv, your safe.)
So yea!

Continuing this site

I have one called dc origami. It was going to be similar to marvel origami but I decided that not only that but different comics!
Attack on Titan
Dark horse
Star Wars (it’s a comic too)
And because marvel origami is kind of over I’ll allow marvel
You can also write your own origami stories based off of these
So yea. I’ll send the link.