Today is the day 3 airplanes hit 2 places
The twin towers
And the pentagon.

It killed 3,000 people.
A terrorist attack that changed the USA.
We are more aware.
We now can’t walk through a airport without getting our luggage checked
We must have our body checked too! It’s so hard!
Keep everyone who died in your prayers.
Or if your a atheist and don’t beleive in a religion, just think about them.
Good bye.
May be posting tomorrow.

What if…

I have a idea
If you’ve heard/play/watched the minecraft game “simburbia”
Then your awesome, BUT
We could use the same thing. But for multiplayer.
It would be called “mine of clans”

I am doing the defensive things. I have all the cannon upgrades built. It looks so cool! So yea, I will show you guys photos!