Today is the day 3 airplanes hit 2 places
The twin towers
And the pentagon.

It killed 3,000 people.
A terrorist attack that changed the USA.
We are more aware.
We now can’t walk through a airport without getting our luggage checked
We must have our body checked too! It’s so hard!
Keep everyone who died in your prayers.
Or if your a atheist and don’t beleive in a religion, just think about them.
Good bye.
May be posting tomorrow.

What if…

I have a idea
If you’ve heard/play/watched the minecraft game “simburbia”
Then your awesome, BUT
We could use the same thing. But for multiplayer.
It would be called “mine of clans”

I am doing the defensive things. I have all the cannon upgrades built. It looks so cool! So yea, I will show you guys photos!

Contest time!

Hello, as you may know, I am writing a story called Attack on folding, now I’m making these titans that are bag puppets, it is these parodies of finger puppets, I have a collosal titan done, now, I want you YOU to make your own bag puppets, to appear on the cover! Tell your friends, and yes, yourself, you can email your entry with my email “” SO yea! So please make your own parodies of finger puppets! Also, if you don’t want to, you can send your own origami aot character (any side characters, not the 3 main characters which is armin, eren, and Mikasa, also origami Jean). So yea! bye!