A lot of struggles

I’ve had some struggles, and I haven’t been posting
It seems like all the origami sites are turning into doctor who, and minecraft
Don’t get me wrong, I love these two things
But even I have been struck with this “away from origami plague” because I’ve began watching anime
mature anime
And I may fold origami of these characters
But I just don’t want to write a story about these mature anime in origami form.
Attack on folding is based off of a show called attack on Titan, and I love my story, but it’s just I don’t want to do something similar with gurren lagann, or the walking dead, or any show I’m watching for that matter

If anyone, anyone would want to do a crossover with me once I finish aof, be my guest
I may fold characters from the walking dead, or gurren laggan
I love origami
But to be aloud to post stuff
On one condition
With me maturing, I want mature people, or people who like these things. Because like me, I want my site to mature.
Thank you, and God bless

Okay, so how do I say this

Man, I have wanted to makeso many of you superfolders authors for this site, or heck, even admins
I’ve followed gravity falls message
Trust no one
Sure, I trust you all, but what school has taught me is that one of you is a creepy old guy
Now, I know for one: dumcheese is not creepy, nor old, for he has actually done an ice bucket challenge vid, and I know jc isn’t an old guy, nor anyone in origami YODA the series
Sorry I’m typing on my phone, autocorrect and all
But, like. If you want to be a author or something, I will understand, you want to get your name out
There is so many people, whom even though I haven’t met IRL, I feel like I know you. I feel like I connect with you
Whovians, superfolders, otaku fans, you guys are all cool
Your tardis
Your origami
And your anime creepy fanfiction
Is the (you know) that will pierce the heavens and above
Now, this isn’t a post to add a star
But I want to know,
Even though I’m vague and mysterious
Do you relate to me in anyway?
I mean you can like it
But what do you think