Okay new idea. Someone (not me) can make a origami yoda roleplay site. I can’t make it because I totally forgot how. So yea , I will be a admin though and I’ll help make roleplays. Or someone can make a minecraft server. I don’t care

PAC man.

He is in smash. And it seems that nintendo makes other companies sad. Because pac man and the ghostly adventure looks SCARY. The new pac man in smash looks retro and cool. This is the same with sonic the scarfed hedgehog. Nintendo did it right. Now I’m not saying sonic boom will be bad but I don’t like the designs for sonic boom. This is just my rant. But yea.
(Origami Luke 4 smash)

Hey you guys!

So due to things I’ve been noticing, their has been some people asking to check out their sites.
Now I know this site isn’t as famous as others.
(Like dumcheeseS)
But I’ve seen it on small ones too.
Now a little while ago I did a shoutout for others sites.
(Like dumcheeses)
That’s okay. I’m always good for a little sub 4 sub action.
Just please, like on some minecraft, or world of warcraft, or roblox servers. Please, please no advertising on my site. If you want me to check out your site. I may make a full blown page for you and you rightful needs.
You vain little bugger.
(Actually I’m kidding about you being vain and little, but some can be buggers at times)
On other news… PAC-man, mii , and lady paleutena are now in super smash bros 4.
Their is a dating sim called hatotful boyfriend, where you are a girl that fall in love with pigeons. Now I didn’t play it but I’ve watched some reviewers play it, and actually laugh at its dumbness,or cry.
Tomodachi life is fun! A possible new page for u to send me your qr codes and you will be in my game


HAHAHA- opps lost my sanity there.sorry. But that’s all y’all! Bye!
Luke: by the way Peyton STILL hasn’t added me in the game.

New series possibly???

So my new series Is possibly only going to be on my site (here) basically here is the jist
Toy story, live action, attack on Titan, anime like, ninja teddy bears.

I HAVE A 11 YEAR OLD TEDDY BEAR, (he is like my age) WHO IS A NINJA, HIS NAME IS NINJA BABY BEAR (because I have a lot of things, he helps them.) and it will be dark. Teddy bears will be hurt with scissors, and baby bear will stitch them up. Baby bear will sometimes meet origami luke.
Origami Luke and baby bear take place in the same dimension. So they will meet and go on adventures, along with a sonic plushie and mario and others. I think you’ll enjoy it.
Peace! ~Peyton
Luke: yes! I’m back!
Baby bear: and I’m new!